Monday, February 21, 2011

More needle felting...

I have redesigned Hickory - the little bunny I am going to teach a small group how to make - a little. I needed to felt up another bunny so I could take photos of every stage for my class notes! So, Hickory II was born...

I like his feet better - cuter with toes. He's a good size too - tip of his ears to his tail he is 7cm (just under 3"), so a little bigger than Hickory I, which means less bloodshed! LOL!

I have fully documented the process of making the little guy photographically, so I now just need to add some words and my class notes are all set!

A few friends are coming with me to show off their needle felted attributes; a little guy by Liza from Little Handfuls Mini Bears in New Zealand, a couple of bears and creatures I've made and my favourite, Maxwell by Narelle Hill of Relish Bears:

And then there are CATS!!! Even though numerous cats have appeared across the web...


"Earl Grey"


And never forgetting my beautiful Orion...


I am still set on making cats a large part of my soft sculpture endeavors! They are such fascinating creatures, and to get realistic renditions down is going to take a lot of study, work and patience!

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