Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Another Needle Felting Class!

On Monday 11 April and Monday 18 April I will be running another needle felting class at Onabee - this time we will be learning how to make a little string-jointed bear called "Hush" who is based on this little guy:

If you are in the vicinity of Kensington (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) and want to join in the fun, pop into the store or book online now!!!

Needle Felting Kits!

My three needle felting kits are almost there... just waiting on eyes and packaging! The three kits are "Hush", "Hickory" and "Tibby".

"Hush" is a string-jointed little bear standing just 8cm (3") tall. He is studying, very quietly, a little ladybug friend.

"Hickory" is a cute little bunny who sits 9cm (3 1/2") tall. I have blogged about him before as I have run a needle felting class where we made little Hickorys.

And last, but definitely not least, is "Tibby" - a sweet little kitten who sits just 8cm (3") tall.

All three kits include the wool you need (Corriedale) in the different colours you'll need (colours may vary from those shown in the photos), premium German black glass eyes (amber glass eyes for Tibby - if available), threads and ribbons as and if required, 2 needle felting needles and complete full-colour easy-to-follow instructions. All available through my blog or from Onabee!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

BWO is one thing, but this is ridiculous!

Yes - I am a complete supporter of "Blogging Without Obligation" but complete and utter neglect of my blog I think is going a bit too far! What's my excuse? Nothing... just busy, busy, busy with life - not that that's an excuse!

My kits are almost ready to hit the virtual and physical shelves - just waiting on the packaging and some eyes. I'm also running another needle felting class over two Mondays - we'll be learning how to make a little sting-jointed bear.

I have a couple of mohair bear orders to finish - and all this while fitting in "pays the bills" work, the kids and everything else in my life! But hey, I'd much rather be busy than bored!

And then there is my website to get finished... and I need to finally decide on my JKD logo!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Three kits it is!

Needle felting kits for 3 different critters, and all the contents and the retail pricing have all been figured out, so now it is off to put them together! I am putting together 3 different needle felting kits - "Jake", a simple bear (with instructions on how to string joint), "Tibby", a kitten (very cute even if I do say so myself) and "Hickry", a bunny (the little guy I taught in my needle felting class a couple of weeks ago.)

They will be available in store at Onabee, from Onabee's online store and from Onabee's Etsy shop! The kits include everything you need - wool, eyes, thread, ribbon, full-colour easy to follow instructions and even 2 needle felting needles - everything except for the foam block! All for a fantastic price of AUD$19.95!!!

Stay tuned as it won't be long before these kits hit the real and virtual shelves!!!

And I'm running another needle felting class on Monday 11 April & Monday 18 April - this time I'll be teaching how to create a cute little bear who is 5-way string jointed. Book now at Onabee!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011


The wonderful, wonderful Fiona at Onabee has offered to sell my needle felting kits both in her store and through her website!!! I'm starting out with 3 different kits - a bunny, a kitten, and a bear. Bunny kits are first off the rank and have been promised for delivery on Monday, so back to work I go!

This is so exciting!!!