Sunday, June 19, 2011

I finally know what I want to do when I grow up!!!

Yes - I finally know what I really want to do with my life!!! It's only taken me thirty-something years to come to a decision... but let's not rush these things! I definitely, 100% positively want to focus my IT skills towards becoming a computer forensic specialist. Just like Abby in NCIS - only realistic LOL! It is such a weight lifted off my shoulders, feeling of freedom finally knowing what I really, really want to do with my life!

Of course, I still love my bears and will keep making them on the side, but in t his life I do need to do something that actually pays the bills...

I've started studying again - under the tuition of my dad and my hubby. My dad lectures Internet Security to Masters level students at one of the top universities here in Melbourne, so I have access to the courses he lectures, and of course one-on-one tutoring :) Hubby is big in IT here, and working as a System Architect knows a fair bit about security. Pretty lucky for me :)

I'm absolutely LOVING studying again - especially since I am actually studying what I actually want to do  rather than something that will just get me a job. Albeit, having studied computer science in the past and worked for 20+ years in the industry kinda helps me focus on forensic IT!

And it is a great escape from a few woes of family life at the  moment - a few worrying problems are afoot, but I'm trying not to get stressed over them and just get on with things. Diving into study helps a lot, as does personal training - which I have started this month and am also loving!!!

Feeding the brain & losing the fat - a good path to be on!!!

xx Bec


  1. Bec - I am so happy for you!! Seriously!! I distinctly remember the day sitting at my AWFUL job when I firgured out I wanted to be a primary school teacher - it really is like and epiphany isn't it! All the best - look forward to talking to you about it soon