Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Three kits it is!

Needle felting kits for 3 different critters, and all the contents and the retail pricing have all been figured out, so now it is off to put them together! I am putting together 3 different needle felting kits - "Jake", a simple bear (with instructions on how to string joint), "Tibby", a kitten (very cute even if I do say so myself) and "Hickry", a bunny (the little guy I taught in my needle felting class a couple of weeks ago.)

They will be available in store at Onabee, from Onabee's online store and from Onabee's Etsy shop! The kits include everything you need - wool, eyes, thread, ribbon, full-colour easy to follow instructions and even 2 needle felting needles - everything except for the foam block! All for a fantastic price of AUD$19.95!!!

Stay tuned as it won't be long before these kits hit the real and virtual shelves!!!

And I'm running another needle felting class on Monday 11 April & Monday 18 April - this time I'll be teaching how to create a cute little bear who is 5-way string jointed. Book now at Onabee!!!

1 comment:

  1. so cute!! and good time just before easter to start working on a bunny!!
    Congrats on the three kits - you have been busy :-)