Thursday, July 14, 2011

Return to Bearmaking

The poor bears - particularly the UFOs - have taken a back seat long enough. I miss them and they miss me, so I am going to make some time to bearmake every day. I have a few little mohair guys I want to finish, and a couple of new patterns I want to try. And then I want to, hopefully - FINALLY - put some little guys up for adoption!

Ears used to be a headache for me, but I've sorted that. Now my headache is footpads. I just can't get the hang of them! Paw pads, when I use them, no problem. Foot pads? A mess. I just can't seem to get them to be the right size and to sew in nicely. Bear in mind (excuse the pun!) I hand sew all of my bears.

Does anyone have any tips or tricks for sewing in the perfect footpad? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!


  1. I use an oval template for scrap booking. It is too wide in the middle so I narrow it down just a little. There are so many sizes on the one template I can use it for all the bears. When I sew I fold it in half to get the center and take an anchor stitch at the toe. Then I do it again and take a stitch at the heel, then I know it's perfectly centered. Next I do an overcast stitch, then a back stitch, that pretty well covers it. They usually turn out well.
    We all have our troubles, ears will always be mine.

  2. Good luck with the foot pad thing.