Sunday, April 17, 2011

And things (or parents) move on...

Today was the last afternoon I will ever spend at my parents house in Cottles Bridge. Why? They are moving to Castlemaine :-)  They have bought the cutest little house there!

I have only seen photos of it so can't wait to see it on Thursday, when mum & dad get to move in! I love that they chose to move to Castlemaine - it is such a gorgeous country town with so much going on!

Look what we just missed out on! A must in the diary for next year!


  1. That must feel so strange to visit your parents' house for the last time. I assume it wasn't the house you grew up in (there is not enough sentimentality in your post!!) I hope their move goes beautifully and their new house holds many happy memories over the years. x

  2. It was strange! But you're right - it wasn't the house I grew up in. I was really sad when they moved from "my home" - but that was about 20 years ago now. One of my friends from primary school lives in "my home" now - it really is a small world!