Saturday, April 2, 2011

Time - I just want a little time!!!

Please??? Just a few minutes here and there??? All I want is a little time to needle felt, finish one mohair bear, write up the instructions for a needle felted bear and do a little blogging... is that too much to ask???!!!


  1. Oh there's plenty of's just those hours you waste sleeping :-)

  2. I agree! Where do the days go? Sometimes I just don´t know. Tomorrow I´m dedicating to needlefelting for sure. Have been busy doing other things for a while now and I really need to get felting again, for my sanity if nothing else ;) What a lovely blog this is and what beautiful little felties you make. Glad I found you! Not even Australia is that far (from Sweden) when you travel online! Love it! have a great weekend and hope you find some of that precious time to felt and make that bear etc.
    Hugs, Lina (Minette&Minou)